The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL), created in 2018, is working diligently to develop the annual ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) for metro Atlanta, as required by state statute. A draft of the results was presented to the ATL Regional Transit Planning Committee (ATL Board Committee of the Whole) on September 20, 2019.

Now the ATL is looking for feedback from you, through ten community engagement sessions entitled “District Downloads: Processing the Plan for Transit, Mobility & Connectivity in the Region.” These meetings are an opportunity for elected officials, stakeholders, and citizens to receive information about the 192 transit projects submitted to the ATL, and how those projects work together to form a connected network of transit options in the ARTP.  There will be one session per ATL Transit District, and it will be fully interactive with information stations to learn more about the ATL, the ARTP, submitted projects, and the project evaluation criteria. Attendees will also be able to upload their thoughts and ideas on the ARTP electronically through a web-based submission form.

For a detailed list of the sessions and additional information visit the the ATL District Downloads page.