It has long been known that there is more to Downtown Tucker than just Main Street. It’s easy to see opportunity north of the tracks, but what about the south side of Downtown Tucker, including the area south of Lawrenceville Hwy?

The Tucker-Northlake CID, working in partnership with the City of Tucker Downtown Development Authority (DDA), engaged the Urban Land Institute’s Atlanta District Council (ULI Atlanta) through the mini-Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP) program to create a plan for the area of Downtown Tucker south of the tracks. The Tucker South of Main project builds on the framework established in previous planning efforts, including the Downtown Tucker Master Plan, which aims to “create a walkable, active and prosperous downtown that supports strong retail and office uses, and enhances the connectivity and vibrancy of Downtown Tucker.”

This is the third mTAP team to work with the Tucker-Northlake CID in Downtown Tucker and the first time the DDA has been involved. The first mTAP project was the Downtown Tucker Parking Revitalization study (2017). The study ultimately led to the City purchasing property on Railroad Avenue for the construction of a town green that will include parking. The second was the Downtown Tucker Alley Activation (2020), a project that supports the opportunities now underway in the alleys. The current mTAP team presented their report to the City Council this week at a work session involving the DDA.

Tucker-Northlake CID Executive Director Matthew Lee said, “Residents living along the southern edge of Downtown Tucker shouldn’t need to cross Lawrenceville Hwy or Hugh Howell Rd to enjoy an experience similar to Main Street. There is plenty of opportunity for commercial redevelopment, retrofitting existing properties, and investing in the right of way to engage those living between Idlewood Rd and Tucker Industrial Rd.”

“The DDA has been a close partner with the CID since their formation and we are pleased to have their insights on this project. Their affection for Tucker runs deep and that common bond makes working together easy.”

The addition of Jackie Moffo to the team, and her insights as the City of Tucker’s economic development manager, and the support of assistant city manager John McHenry and others, continue to make a positive difference.

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