Last week the Tucker City Council unanimously approved the purchase of land on Railroad Avenue for a town green in Downtown Tucker. A place for concerts and other community events that will connect into the citywide trail network.

The first concept for a town green appeared in the Downtown Tucker Parking Revitalization study conducted the Urban Land Institute (ULI Atlanta) for the Tucker-Northlake CID in 2017. By 2020 the concept of a town green on the property was adopted by the City of Tucker in the Downtown Tucker Grid Plan. A plan funded by the CID and the Atlanta Regional Commission.

As envisioned, the nearly two-acre site will feature a green for concerts, a flex space that can be used for event parking, improvements to Railroad Avenue, and a quarter-mile paved surface around the perimeter of the property.

This project represents the success of the ongoing partnerships between the City of Tucker and the Tucker-Northlake CID. Special thanks to Mayor Frank Auman and the team at Cofer Brothers for committing to a vision to make Downtown Tucker even better. More on the concepts for the site can be found in the Downtown Tucker Grid Plan. (pages 37 – 38)