On February 10th Adam Williamson with TSW and Geoff Koski with Bleakly Advisory Group presented the final draft of the Downtown Tucker Master Plan to the City of Tucker, ushering in greater opportunities for the City’s downtown district. This study, jointly funded by the Tucker-Northlake CID and the City of Tucker, looks into Downtown Tucker’s past to reveal a compelling image for its future.

Founded in 1892, Tucker’s downtown street and alley grid has remained largely intact for over a century. Wedged between two state routes, Lavista Road on the north and Lawrenceville Hwy on the south, the downtown core has been preserved. Tucker already has the framework other communities are trying to create.

Ensuring that new development fits within the model for an expanded walkable city center remains important to commercial property and local business owners.

Downtown Tucker Master Plan Community Resources Map

Over the past few years a steady flow of new and existing businesses have moved downtown and capitalized on the location regionally and on the benefits of being closer to other businesses with a community focus. The shared atmosphere of small city blocks sets the area apart from traditional suburban strip malls.

Both the market study and the community survey point to a variety of opportunities for redevelopment and support the growth within Tucker’s residential real estate market. In many ways Downtown Tucker sells itself. For those who haven’t paid close attention, the Master Plan invites them to take a closer look and see if Tucker is a place where their business investment belongs.