Over the last 21 days Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp has issued 19 executive orders related to COVID-19. Each one an incremental step to ensure Georgians have the best information, resources, and protections in place to maintain their day to day lives during this global pandemic.

The order released yesterday calls for Georgians to stay at home while authorizing businesses to remain open under strict health and safety standards based on those published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). A list of twenty professions that rely on close personal contact are now required to cease all in-person care.

All other “businesses, establishments, corporations, non-profit corporations, and organizations” are grouped into two categories; those within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security definition of “essential critical infrastructure workforce” and those that are not.

Businesses within both categories may remain in operation by complying with the new state standards. There are no exceptions. The order can be found here. For additional guidance the Governor’s Office has provided a Statewide Shelter in Place Handout.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development has combined portions of both documents into an online resource titled “Should My Business Remain Open.”

All business owners, operators, workers, and residents are encouraged to read the order and handout carefully and comply in every way.

Understanding and following the rules will reduce the strain on law enforcement and others to educate you. More importantly, you will be actively engaged in the statewide effort to stop the spread of this painful and deadly disease. As always, the health and strength of the nation depend on your choices.

The Executive Order released by Governor Kemp parallels the intent of the order issued by Mayor Frank Auman for the City of Tucker last week. Hear Mayor Auman’s thoughts on the path forward.