The CID’s involvement in planning for transit across the top end of I-285 continues to focus on the strength of the Northlake District. The mayors of the seven top end cities from Smyrna to Tucker, and the executive directors of the CIDs within the same footprint, continue to focus on a regional plan that would use the forthcoming express lanes to support Express Lane Transit (ELT). Tucker has been identified as a location for an ELT station along I-285 between the Doraville and Indian Creek MARTA stations.

In harmony with the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) plans for the express lanes through the CID, Lavista Road will remain general purpose and Northlake Parkway will be an entry point into the express lanes for PeachPass and ELT users.

The changes announced by GDOT reveal that Tucker will no longer be the end of the line for barrier separated lanes. There will be increased capacity with two barrier-separated, dedicated express lanes in each direction across the entire northern half of I-285. The plan calls for all existing lanes to remain open and free of charge. The express lanes will be elevated through some areas similar to those on the Northwest Corridor.

The updated plan will continue southward connecting Tucker to the Indian Creek MARTA Station and beyond. When completed, travelers coming from the airport with a PeachPass will be able to stay in the express lanes from the I-285 and I-20 intersection all the way to Tucker.