Security cameras across metro Atlanta are making a difference in locating suspects and gathering evidence for convictions. This summer the Tucker-Northlake Community Improvement District (CID) has increased the number of cameras in the CID and more are on the way.

“We’ve had cameras in place for several years,” says Tucker-Northlake CID Executive Director Matthew Lee. “They’ve assisted law enforcement in apprehending suspects. It’s made enough of an impact that we’ve funded more cameras to close the gaps at major intersections along I-285.”
“Our message remains the same. If you are a criminal, Tucker is not worth your time.”

The DeKalb County Police are not the only law enforcement agency with eyes on Tucker. The Tucker-Northlake CID grants access to their cameras to law enforcement agencies across the region including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Since doing so, the number of daily searches using the CID’s cameras have increased by over 1300%.

“The US Postal Inspection Service asked us for access to assist in an investigation over a year ago and we immediately said yes. With so many cities and counties in Georgia, it made sense to proactively give others access. Dozens of agencies use our cameras 24 hours a day. If another law enforcement agency in the state wants to find you, you can’t hide in Tucker.”

In addition to cameras funded by the Tucker-Northlake CID, the City of Tucker requires high resolution color cameras at all convenience stores. One at each register, checkout stand, entrance to the building, gas pump, and parking lot. DeKalb County adopted a similar requirement in June, as did the City of Atlanta earlier this month.

The Tucker-Northlake CID encourages all businesses and residents in the CID to register their security cameras with the DeKalb County Police through Where appropriate, property owners should consider integrating their cameras with the county system.