The Tucker-Northlake CID has joined efforts with seven cities, and the Cumberland and Perimeter CIDs, to examine the feasibility of implementing transit along the top end of I-285. Initial findings by Kimley-Horn have determined that Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is feasible across the top end from Northlake to Smyrna. BRT offers many of the benefits of rail, such as limited stops and frequent trips, at a fraction of the cost. The buses could potentially use the managed Express Lanes that are to be constructed across the top end over the next several years, with dedicated on and off ramps.

The next step is to perform a follow-up technical analysis which will include development of a preliminary service plan, identification of necessary capital improvements, ridership forecasting, and estimation of maintenance and operations costs. The study has been awarded to Kimley-Horn and will take approximately 3-4 months to complete.